pTRACK Tracking localization system pTRACK is mobile intervention system for the management and coordination of operational groups in the field with the function of displaying and storing position data while supporting remote monitoring. Learn more

For who is the product suitable?


Mountain rescue

When searching for lost persons in the mountains, after dangerous avalanches or in the event of natural disasters…

Rescue services

In the event of natural disasters, air and maritime accidents, coordination of rescue units in inaccessible terrain or tracking transportation of valuable medical resources…

Fire brigades

For the coordination of units in contact with an open fire, marking the finding of material or parts of debris, monitoring the movement of individual firefighters and the use of records for training…
Main advantages

What makes pTRACK a unique system?

Independent tracking system

It is not necessary to cover the signal with GSM or dedicated radio networks. If the signal is lost, the position data is stored on the SD card of the KIM module, which automatically sends the data when it is reconnected to the signal.

High system sensitivity

The pTRACK system offers a minimum position deviation (+ - 1m) and fast position data recovery (2s). This guarantees the highest possible accuracy in displaying the position of the KIM and LOM modules in the field.

Evidence material

During the legislative process, it is easy to show from the usage certain record of which places were actually searched, marked and recorded in the system. The recording of the event can also be used for training purposes and its streamlining.

Live overview of the movement of the team in the field

Displaying of the live positions of active modules in the field, allows precise tactical control of the operation. Thanks to remote access, online transmission of the record is also available from anywhere, use for presentation at press conferences or for monitoring by superiors.

Simple agreed signalisation

The exact coordinates of the location, including time, allow users to continue the operation process or return to the marked location, record it, or send a specialized team to secure the location.

Easy system integration

Tailored to the requirements and issues of clients, with flexible options for integration into existing systems or customer applications.

See how pTRACK
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What do clients say about us?

pTRACK has been in the field for more than 10 years and has undergone many improvements during this time. Over the decade, pTRACK has been involved in many different operations, and indirectly contributes to saving lives.

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